Tuesday, November 17, 2015



they were gathered around her
the old women    converging on
the eldest one    she looked lost
frail    shrunk in her wheelchair

they were gathered around her
worried by her sudden faltering
spinning a warm cocoon of love
hands    eyes    voices    presence

they were gathered around her
the guardians    all ministering
their solidarity primal as night
each heart a stay against death


   I observed this scene in a senior living community, where I work part-time as a security officer. On one level, it was commonplace, everyday. In a deeper, more universal way, however, it seemed almost mythic, an archetype embodying how the Old Wise Women of all times and places draw together in a protective circle of love to care for one of their own. 

                                CARPE DIEM

juicy blackberries and banana slices over granola
soaking in a bath of milk and cream    along with
half an "everything" bagel    a glass of apple juice

morning slants in stripes through the mini-blinds
capping a good night's sleep and a luminous dream
about a sacred child and a father with cobalt eyes

an old man can feel like a flea under death's armpit
yet alive and still kicking on this sun-drenched day
what else can I do but slingshot my voice in praise!

outside my window a cold wind racks the branches
inside raggedy slippers all ten toes curl and uncurl
heartbeat by heartbeat I kiss each second as it flies!


     Just being in the moment, here and now, truly, deeply experiencing through all our capacities, fully awake--the heart overflows with praise! As long as we can still revel in such simple, humble pleasures, the only response must be an unequivocal Attitude of Gratitude!

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