Saturday, March 25, 2017


                   LIGHT SPILLS

if I strip myself down beyond the bone
to marrow   then beneath even marrow
who's left?   who's left is my emptiness
a wormhole aching to be filled by Light

there's a name for what I need--Grace
I remember what knees are primed for
and fall to them   flayed with loneliness
nothing on this Earth plane can heal me

do you know what I mean?  do you long
for an embrace that sheathes your soul
in ecstasy?   do you search everywhere
for the Invincible One you already are?

we're trapped on the outside   craving
ourselves in others   in money or things
but the life we want doesn't start here
it spills as a revelation from the soul!


     Once we know what it feels like to be one with, at home with, the Source of our being, then to feel alienated from that Source is another name for hell. Our greatest loneliness isn't for other people, as intense as that can be. Our greatest loneliness is for our true Self, the innermost Essence of our soul. Once we're reconnected there, then every incarnate relationship shifts naturally and inevitably into it's right perspective. We may be utterly solitary, but we're never lonely.

                 THE SPLENDOR

sitting alone   not waiting   just being
hearing both outer and inner sounds
at home in the grace of each moment
wanting nothing   nothing's my refuge
peace envelops me   a luminous cloud

sitting alone   outside saturates inside
inside pours out   not divided but One
what do I need to strive for   or prove?
all things flow to me suffused by Light
all things flow from me into the world

sitting alone yet not alone   my solitude
a gateway to the Infinite   I hum a tune
of the happy soul   free offspring of joy!
who's richer than I am right now?  who
lives closer to the Splendor we all seek?


Gateway To The Infinite

    Once we're at home in our Eternal Source, consciously and peacefully, there's nowhere else we can possibly want to be. All the doing and seeking and striving for something or someone out there, is discovered to be nothing more than our craving substitutes for the authentic Treasure--which is unmediated communion with the Light, Love and Bliss at the innermost core of our own being. We most readily attain this communion through contemplative solitude--our "Gateway To The Infinite."

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