Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Declaring Love


we don't need them around anymore

the logic choppers    the bean counters
and hairsplitters    the control freaks who
snuff out our joy and pin dead butterflies
to the rigid straitjackets of their pride

we can't permit them access anymore

those traffickers in still-beating hearts
the users and takers who worship nothing
except their own insatiable appetites

it's time to throw off that brainwashing!

I've rediscovered a Universal Grammar
and the only pronoun it recognizes is "we"

there's a Holy Light irradiating everything
It can never be bought    sold    possessed

so we won't listen to the frauds anymore

the hawkers of glitzy trinkets and gewgaws
the pushers of money and power and fame

now that I've seen the real Treasure blazing
those counterfeit glories are worthless to me


  Where's the real Treasure? Our materialistic culture screams every day that it's in "money and power and fame." But this is a destructive, consuming lie. Once we've seen, experienced "a Holy Light irradiating everything" we realize that the Divine Source, the Pearl Beyond Price, is always present and available within us, and shining forth as well all around us. There's an open, empty, waiting place inside which can only be filled by God.

                               HYMN TO GAIA
                             (for Rob Amerine)

I hear your voice this morning    so quiet and small
whispering through the tiny clusters of white buds
on the asparagus fern    their delicate almond scent

of course it's just one of your numberless languages
another roared in that F-5 tornado! yes-devastation
is also you speaking    yet you sing to us in birdcalls

how many nights I listen while you kiss the leaves
with rain    how many days your winds compel me
you go your own deep ways    destroying    creating

Earth Mother    not a single instant rocks my world
when every naked atom isn't thrumming with you
I'm your flesh your blood your creature your child!

teach is to dwell here always in a sacred manner
to understand even a pebble is imbued with soul
teach us to realize--each breath we take is a prayer

I suffer from a primal wound that will never close
unless I align my whole self harmoniously with you
I hunger for justice transcending the ego's appetite

in the still small voice of fragrant buds blossoming
I come home to you    receive the balm of your love
nothing less than our total union will heal me now


     As a species, we're lurching headlong down an unsustainable path, and climate change is just one of the many warning sirens blaring in our ears. Ultimately, our only hope to change this, is to transform our consciousness; to return once more to spiritual balance, to sacred communion with all life and with the living Earth herself.


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