Tuesday, October 6, 2015

River Of Love

                    DICED VEGGIES

like a finely calibrated antenna attuned
to a single exquisite frequency I receive
the most delicate nuances of your soul

even those tiny bright earrings you wear
glitter in my thoughts--scintillant as stars
while the silver polish coating your nails

matches precisely my raptest admiration
you express more shades between white
and black than Eskimos perceive in snow

this world spreads many gaudy banquets
cakes gussied up to deceive blinded eyes
and ensnare groping hearts     no matter

I'd rather taste your artfully diced veggies
--bits of love you prepare so impeccably--
than gorge myself on that feast for fools


      In matters of love, often less is more--at least that's the way I experience it. In style, I'm attracted to subtlety, nuance, refinement, originality, understatement, elegance, the minimally indispensable. Such qualities engage both my senses and my soul. When sufficient time and space leaven a relationship, enough room is left to savor what's unique and beautiful.


did you ever wonder
why love can be so blind
such a hit-or-miss type thing?

Jack's pining away for Jill
too bad--Jill yearns for Jane
while Jane worships Joe!

and how forlorn a dog acts
abandoned by its human
it will never find a home

sometimes a rushing river
bursts upon us--but we're
too flimsy to contain it

we can't control when
it overwhelms our banks
or predict where it will flow

if even the tiniest runnel
of Love's elemental torrent
cascades through our heart

we've got all we can handle
keeping our head above water
just snatching a breath or two


      I've been swept along, swept away, by Love's "rushing river"; and even though I wound up bruised and gasping on the rocks, I realize, for a time, I was flooded by a God. Anyone who's felt this irresistible power of Eros pouring through them toward another, knows what I mean. We only can say "yes" or "no" to election by the God. And if we say "yes", then love's river possesses our hearts. Wherever it takes us, for better or worse, there we must go...


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